TOEFL Test Preparation: The Insider’s Guide (EdX)

EdX and ETS (Educational Testing Service, makers of the TOEFL) are offering a free online course for students preparing to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Here is some information from the course description:

This course will help you understand what you can do to achieve your best TOEFL test score. Instructors will guide you through each section (Reading, Listening, Speacking and Writing) and, using archived past test questions, will explain the kinds of questions you can expect. You will receive valuable advice, including how to register for the test, how it is scored and how to prepare for test day.

This course is highly interactive, using videos, sample questions with explanations, short quizzes and collaborative discussion boards. During the weeks covering Speaking and Writing, the team that develops the TOEFL test will review a handful of your responses and provide evaluation and feedback. In addition, there will be free resources and discounted test prep offers throughout the course.

What: TOEFL Test Preparation: The Insider’s Guide
When: 6-week course begins September 7, 2016
Cost: FREE

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